Programs at National Karate

From age 3+ we have the right program for you

For kids, we offer a range of programs from kinder karate to beginner karate. We also have an afterschool program for 1st through 8th grade.

For adults, we have classes every day for multiple self-defense situations and fitness training. No prior experience is required for our beginner levels.

Kinder Karate

From ages 3 to 5, this class is 30 minutes and will not have more than 10 students in each class. The little ones will learn basic karate techniques through different drills that focus on balance, coordination, and listening. This is the age for our students to become socially and mentally ready for full school days. Come see all the benefits your child can receive from our program.

New pricing for kinder karate: $79/month, 1 class per week or pay-per-class, $25/class.

6-12 Year Old Beginner Class

In every 45-minute class we stress our martial arts creed- strength in the body, knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart. Not only do the kids learn kicks, punches, and different self defense techniques, but they will learn life lessons about respect, discipline, focus and perseverance, as well as getting 45 minutes of exercise disguised as fun.

Teen Karate

We keep these classes exciting of course, but emphasize respect and hard work. Class drills consist a lot of boxing and kick boxing drills with karate technique instruction. They will get an awesome workout while learning how to defend themselves. A great way to keep them active and social.

Adult Martial Arts

Each class is 45 minutes to a hour. Each student will advance through the karate program and will gain knowledge in multiple martial arts systems. We train every day for various self defense situations and get a great workout with striking combinations. Whether you have zero experience or years of training, we have the best class for you.